House Cleaning: Tips to Help Your Home Sparkle 

House cleaning is often associated with words and phrases like, tedious, time consuming and can be done later.  

If you are a homeowner yourself, or someone who owns or rents an apartment, I know you know what I mean. 



To make sure your next house cleaning is more fun than usual, here are some tips from the pros. 

  1. Make sure your cleaning tools are accessible 

Sometimes the easiest way to clean is to have the right tools be accessible to the location it needs to be. It is funny how a second or two can make or break a cleaning process. Often, we plan on cleaning the sink however when we take time looking for the tools needed in the process, we lose interest in the task just as quickly. The rule of the thumb is to have everything you need under the sink or on your kitchen cabinet, through this, it can be accessible to you whenever you feel like cleaning your kitchen. 

  1. Do not go overboard with products

Cleaning products can be overwhelming specially when we shop on stores. The loan of cleaning products can be on long with too many shelves. This can be motivating however sometimes it can be the opposite. Simplify! You will thank yourself in the future. Moreover, you can also save up a few bucks! 

3.Gloves and cloths 

Yes! Comfort is a priority when cleaning. There can be gross things that you can encounter when cleaning and it can be tough to face it and finish the task. Through making sure you have protection for your hands to separate the gross things from accessing your palms or your skin, you can be free to clean surfaces that can be overwhelming.  

  1. Music cue!

Cleaning is always better with your kind of jam! Nope I am not talking about food. Move your body with the jam you love to lighten up the cleaning mood. This may not really lessen the task however it’s always good to have music as company.  

  1. Start your morning right

Start your cleaning agenda early. Yes, you can extend cleaning till night however it may not be as productive as having light as your friend in exposing the dirt and dust you need to get rid of. Moreover, resting after a good house cleaning is better if you finish it before the sun is down. 

  1. Do notdisregard clutter management

A busy or hectic day can be a cause of being negligent with having things in locations in your home where they should not be. Yes, you can leave some things on your sofa whenever you are really on a hurry, however leaving it even after coming home from work is a different story. Making sure you go through the clutter in your sofa or in your console can be really impactful in the amount of cleaning you will need to do after a week’s or months’ worth. If you are too tired, red for a few minutes and grab those clutter before you take a night shower.  

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